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Message from the President

The business activities of the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group encompass the three broad pillars of jewelry, focusing mainly on the 4°C brand, apparel manufacturing, centered on original design manufacturing (ODM), and daily fashion items that are marketed through a retail store chain. Our goal is to become a corporate group that is defined by its ability to provide all stakeholders with the highest value by taking full advantage of its strengths in each of the aforementioned business domains.

With “Challenge and Change” as its overarching slogan, YONDOSHI HOLDINGS launched its Fifth Medium-Term Management Plan under a new management structure on March 1, 2018. As a group that is committed to becoming a century-old company and brand, the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group is placing the utmost importance of ensuring that its 4°C corporate brand continues to shine brightly. Every effort will be made to actively reinforce human resources while enhancing the quality of management in the core Jewelry Business. In addition to enhancing the value of the 4°C brand, energies will also be directed toward developing and cultivating businesses that will underpin the Group’s next growth strategies.

Moreover, the YONDOSHI HOLDINGS Group will develop human resources, strengthen the competitiveness of products, and ascertain market trends. At the same time, the Group will implement CSR-based management to establish a highly trusted corporate group, and work to enhance enterprise value by strengthening internal controls, providing shareholder returns, and making medium to long-term investments linked to earnings growth.

Left: CEO Saishi Kimura
Right: COO Tohru Hirota